Cue Power Joins AEE

Cue Power are delighted to announce our membership as a valued corporate member, of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

The Association of Energy Engineers, founded in the USA, has an accredited Irish Chapter known as AEE Ireland.

AEE's international presence began through various USAID programs. Under these programs, AEE played a pivotal role in developing professional energy services in multiple countries. They initiated this by conducting training in Certified Energy Management (CEM) programs to enhance the skill set of individuals in these countries. AEE also administered the CEM examination to assess the effectiveness of the training. In many cases, local AEE chapters were established to sustain and further develop these newly acquired skills.

This effort has expanded globally, with AEE collaborating with local individuals to establish AEE chapters in countries worldwide. AEE has also partnered with approved training organizations across the globe, allowing individuals to receive training to prepare for AEE Certification examinations.

AEE chapters serve a crucial role in the organization. They provide valuable feedback on the relevance of technical energy information, emerging technologies, and legislative developments. This feedback ensures that AEE certifications remain current and aligned with the latest energy technologies. Additionally, they help AEE Certified Professionals stay updated through relevant Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities.

Cue Power takes great pride in our involvement with AEE and our contribution to advancing professional energy services in Ireland

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