Help Us Power The Future!

We're on a mission to bring clean, affordable energy to everyone through innovative energy solutions that make life for our team, our communities, and our world better.

Flexibility, Productivity, Fun, Energy - It's what Cue Power is all about.

At Cue Power, our mission is to make green energy affordable and flexible, for everyone. Our services empower individuals and businesses to take charge of their energy usage and begin their transition to a zero-carbon footprint.

Joining the Cue Power team means being part of a collective effort to improve energy solutions for all, and make significant reductions to our environmental impact.

Our Team Culture 

At Cue Power, we strive for and live by certain behaviors. We celebrate these behaviors as a team, and encourage an informal and collaborative atmosphere, where all team members can create and participate in the direction and growth of the company.

Our team culture thrives on collaboration, innovation, and mutual respect. We foster an environment where every team member's voice is valued, encouraging open communication and diverse perspectives. We believe in empowering individuals to take ownership of their work while fostering a supportive atmosphere where creativity can flourish. Trust and transparency are the cornerstones of our interactions, enabling us to work seamlessly towards our shared goals. Together, we embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, continuously learning and evolving as a cohesive unit.

Own It

Have pride in the work you do, and own it from start to finish. If you say you are going to do something, do it.

Prove It

Know your work. Back up your decisions with evidence, and show their success. This is how we earn respect.

Manage It
Work efficiently. Identify opportunities for improvement. Know when your time is not appropriately utilised.
Solve It

Present solutions, not problems. We encourage problem solving. It creates value. Take charge and get it done.

Share It

Be honest and respectful. Take initiative, make a stand and defend it. Always do so with empathy.

Team It

We are in this together. Take time to appreciate each other. We are all on the same team.

Ditch The Office 

Cue Power is a remote company that believes a diverse talent pool is a competitive advantage. 

While we do have a physical office location, we do not insist on anyone in our team using it, although if anyone likes to come in on occasion, they're always welcome! The choice is theirs entirely. 

Our team is always growing.

How We Work

Freedom and Flexibility

While we work to set contract hours, we work on schedules that fit our lives best. We communicate asynchronously, work autonomously, and take ownership of our work.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

We are building a global community, one where people from all backgrounds can cooperate and thrive. We have regular open discussions on improving the work environment for all, and celebrate our differences. All our team members agree to a code of conduct.

Open Forum And Camaraderie
Developing and evolving our products and services is no easy task itself. Our informal, open forum approach to business, encourages an all-hands approach to growing the business. We actively seek to team build and create meaningful and lasting relationships within the team to reinforce collaboration and problem solving. We do not discourage change, we actively seek it.

Our Current Job Openings

Please have look through our current opening we have on offer. If you do not see an opening that you are interested in but you feel like you might make a valued member of our team, please send your resume to, and we will keep it on file for when we have a suitable position. Please include a cover letter explaining what you might bring to the table.

As a site Electrician, you will play a pivotal role in our project development and implementation process by reporting to the project manager.

Your responsibilities will include:

Adhere to safety standards and I.S. 10101 National Rules for Electrical Installations regulations to ensure a safe working environment.
Working as a team member to complete projects.
Assemble, install, test, and maintain electrical wiring, equipment, appliances, and fixtures, using hand and power tools.
Making decisions based on technical documents.
Performing quality testing and inspections.

This role will provide exposure to a wide range of expertise relating to solar, renewable energy and electric vehicle charging. The successful candidate will be supported in developing their knowledge and skills as their responsibilities grow and evolve.

This role presents an exciting opportunity for someone looking to progress their career in the growth field of energy engineering and sustainability.

Your responsibilities will include:

Delivering a design service to private home-owners, housing providers, businesses and wider stakeholders in solar PV, energy storage and electric vehicle charging projects.

Implementation of solar PV, energy storage and electric vehicle charging solutions.

Carrying out home surveys

Working with customers to understand their energy needs, identifying and delivering appropriate solutions.

Issuing work packages to project teams

Conducting final inspections and snagging prior to final handover.

Handover on project completion, including any documentation as required by RECI / SEAI or any other bodies.

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If you want to make a general inquiry, please call or email us using the links provided. Alternatively you can request a call back by clicking on BOOK A CALL, and one of our team will contact you at a time that suits you.

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